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Children and parents want a positive and safe environment that creates happiness, self-esteem  and a unique personal space of their own…..  Sarita


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As a mother of two children and a member of the Design Alley team headed by Award Winning Designer Ronnie Vanstone, I have enjoyed creating beautiful and functional children’s spaces for my home, for our clients and for many show suites.  Nothing stops a crowd of mothers more than walking through a new home or housing development, then a elegant nursery or a fabulous kids themed bedroom.  My new blog  Peek-a-Room  has been created to help you     design your perfect baby’s nursery or child’s room that reflects your personal style and meets your personal budget.  Enjoy!



Let’s take a Peek-a-Boo at this months  Peek-a-Room!

Some of the most difficult bedrooms to design are for our amazing pre-teen daughters. They have out grown their cute and playful theme rooms but have not yet grown into the edgy urban look that speaks to their own personal taste. This months Peek-a-Room is a fabulous way to still give your pre-teens some fun and whimsy along with a touch of “Alice in Wonderland” sophistication which can easily be adapted to their changing personalities.

The bed in our Peek-a-Room has a black chalk painted head board with soft curved moulding detail.  Chalk painting is an easy way to give a older inexpensive furniture piece a charming vintage look. The nightstand is mirrored and round adding a soft touch of sparkle to the space. If you require two nightstands in your Peek-a-Room make them each unique … there’s no “matchie – matchie” in Wonderland.  Tip: Find step by steps chalk painting instructions on line.

This Peek-a-Room’s bedding which is done in black, red and white  with touches of lavender is sophisticated and fits perfectly into our Wonderland feel.   Using fabrics with a raised brocaded pattern and mixing textures like velvets and silks create a royal feel for your young Queen of Hearts. Tip: For a more grown up feel make sure one of your through pillows is a bolster and for a bit younger feel change out your bedding to a fun harlequin black & white pattern.

The desk and shelving in our Wonderland Peek-a-Room looks great and can be easily replicated with Ikea pre made shelves and desk top units, then trimmed with a decorative dental moulding to give you that custom built in look.  For the desk chair anything in black, red or white will work, just keep it soft and either whimsical or sophisticated.

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The wall trim mouldings in this Peek-a-Room is beautiful but detailed and may require some custom millwork to achieve.  A   simpler option is to create a rectangular picture frame moulding design using a more decorative moulding profile.  For more of a vintage flare add pre made wood rosettes through out your moulding design.


Our Wonderland Peek-a-Room’s window valance has a fun shape and has been upholstered in a unmatched pattered fabric incorporating  our black, white and red colour palette. You can achieve the same look and feel in your Peek-a-Room with a basic upholstered box valance or by adding full length velvet draperies.  Tip: for less expensive draperies use Velour or Velveteen.



By just adding a few easy to find decor items, you will  take your daughters new Peek-a-Room to “Wonderland”.  This rich red teapot lamp from is a must have and the white rabbit chair that I absolutely love is from For more of a Wonderland feel add a black and white checkers rug or a imitation Dali “melting clock” on the wall.

alice in wonderland 2

There are many different Alice in Wonderland word decals available on line like the one in our Peek-a-Room “Were are all Mad”. Spend a little time surfing the net and pick the perfect one for your daughters Peek-a-Room. The whimsical flourishes wall decals can also be found on line,  I suggest you purchase a few packages and then use your own creative style to make a design that matches your Wonderland quote and fits your wall space… and don’t forget to add a couple of decals on the ceiling above your   daughters bed.



Our Peek-a Room has a subtle striped wall  which can be easy replicated.  Choose one paint colour such as our Peek-a-Room’s light lavender and have it mixed with two different finishes,  Matte and Eggshell  for a softer look or Eggshell and Satin If you want a bit more dramatic look.  Using the two finishes will create a  slight sheen on every other stripe and give an illusion of stripes,  but really it’s just the light bouncing off of the two finishes differently.    Tip: Do not go any farther than one colour step   difference on the finishing chart as it will be much too distracting to the eye and take away from the sophisticated effect you are trying to create.


If this “Alice in Wonderland” Peak-a-Room is your vision or if you have a Peak-a-Room  vision of your own that you love, but just don’t have the time to tackle the DIY and all the shopping and selections, give us a call at (604) 374-2336 and ask for our Design Alley Kids Room Special!


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