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In a fast paced world, dominated by technology, schedules and mounting pressure to climb the ladders of success at work, most people long to slow down breathe, relax. This need is strongly reflected in this year’s colour and style trends…


For me, 2017 will be marked by a return to nature, our senses soothed and calmed, a counter balance  to an overly digital lifestyle, with sleek surfaces on smart phones and tablets everywhere in our lives, we desire to use our senses and feel our homes again. Tactile surfaces will evoke happy discoveries. Our senses will once again determine the essence of the home – the coziness and comfort of a warm nest where we can reduce the pace of our lifestyle, recharge and refocus. It is the feeling of coming home to nature and a simple relaxing space that will find its materialization in interior design for 2017.


This growing desire to reconnect with nature is evident in.. The Pantone choice for Colour of the Year  “greenery” and Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year “Shadow” evocative of fresh spring fields, the sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements 2017 colours will make us feel refreshed, renewed, and one with the earth.

What do you think comes to many people’s minds, when they hear the phrase “colours of nature” If you are like most, fall colours such as gold, moss greens and burnt orange comes to mind…. hello 1980ies Not so with this year’s mix, everything from  Pantones optimistic, vibrant and fun shades like Island paradise…primrose yellow, kale and hazelnut….to Benjamin Moore’s, more moody palette  which includes the like of..Shadow, cloud cover, Stormy Monday and Salamander…we will see everything from spring garden vibrant, to calm oceanic blues, and sultry rich deep tones of sapphire and purple… Expect to see a lot of wood as a main material, but perhaps with a super smooth finish, and a more gray/brown tone, clean and uncluttered lines of styles like mid century modern, will appeal with its casual and uncluttered look.


Elements like metals and velvets will also be strong contenders for 2017! they create a sophisticated luxurious ambiance that rocks the senses and simply beg you to touch.

This year award winning designer Ronnie Vanstone will show you how to use the stunning colours hottest for 2017 and incorporate them into a style all your own come check out this year’s Design Alley showcase, and catch Ronnie’s fun and informative seminars…so you too can be inspired by the stunning colours of nature,…and discover how to put them together in a surprising new way…you will have fun, learn something new and you might even win a great prize….  (Tri-City and Maple Ridge Home Shows 2017)

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