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August 23, 2015

I use a walker for my everyday mobility, and a wheelchair for longer distances.  I needed my home renovated for accessibility for both now, and for the future if my limitations increase and I end up in the wheelchair full time.  One of the reasons I chose to use Design Alley is they had previous experience designing accessible living spaces.  The renovations we did were fairly major (including removing a load-bearing wall).


My project had some challenges, including permit issues.  Design Alley went the distance to get everything resolved.  The Engineer and the City Inspector said the work was top notch.


The functional features are much better than I could have imagined.  In the kitchen I can sit on my walker or wheelchair in front of the cooktop (with my legs under the cooktop) and cook.  I can do the same at the sink and wash dishes while seated.  The microwave oven is a drawer that is safe and easy to use from a seated position.  The wall oven is low and opens sideways, enabling me to safely put things in and out while seated. I could explain every feature in every room, but suffice it to say that it all works so well that my daily life is far more manageable in my renovated space.


Another reason I chose Design Alley is they do both renovations and interior design.  Ronnie looks at each area from both a functional and design perspective.

Design Alley’s design process works very well.  Ronnie asked me questions to learn about my tastes (and I also sent her pictures from websites).  For each area, she presented me with a number of options that match my taste and fit the space, and gave me her recommendations. When I had questions or didn’t initially “see it”, she took the time to answer my questions and put samples of tiles, paint, flooring etc. together so I could visualize each option.  In the end, each component was my decision.  The options I liked best were usually what Ronnie recommended, but one or two times I made a decision to choose something different.  No big deal.  She just accepted my choice and continued on with the design process.


You’d think that, with all the functionality, the place would scream “disabled person”… but it doesn’t.  The design is absolutely stunning, and everyone who comes here says that.  Other than the bars in the bathroom, nobody would know the space was designed for wheelchair accessibility until the features are explained to them.


Someone asked me if, now that everything is finished, I would do anything different.  I’ve gone room by room considering this, and the answer is “no”.  There’s not one thing I would change.  My home is much better than I expected, and I love it!  Thank you Ronnie, Louise and the rest of the team.


- Carla Morgan


June 23, 2015

Excellent company to work with… Extremely organized and amazing design work.

- Arthur King Tsang


June 4, 2013

If you’re looking to make any house or office look amazing then look no further than the help, advice, and services of Design Alley interiors.

- Steve Faurschou


December 14, 2013

Well, my renovations are finished and I have to say I am more than just pleased.  Ronnie has a way with design that is inviting, from simply placing furniture to the overall redesign of your home.  She works with contractors that do a professional job.  She can also save you money by passing on discounts to her customers from the retailers/wholesalers that she deals with.

I was especially pleased with the fireplace upgrade which included a beautiful marble ceramic tile and the contractor did a fantastic job. Downstairs in our recreation room we did a cultured stone upgrade which really brought warmth into the room.  The colours chosen for living, dining, hallway and entrance were done in colour blocking that worked exceptionally well and added a new depth and opened the space.  We changed from carpet to engineered flooring that changed and updated the whole look of the rooms and she chose the perfect area carpet that really pulled the living area together. I was thrilled with the lighting Ronnie picked for my dining and entrance areas and the point was excellent as well.  Although I still have new furniture to purchase, the updated look even made my current furniture look good!  That is a feat in itself.

I can highly recommend Ronnie who has years of experience and knows how to change, redesign and update your house to give it not only a greater intrinsic value but one you will want to live in for years.  Great job Ronnie…. I love my home!

- Barb & Paul Dutton

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