Peek-a-Room: Blog #2

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Children and parents want a  positive and safe environment that creates happiness, self-esteem  and a unique personal space of their own…..  Sarita


As a mother of two children and a member of the Design Alley team headed by Award Winning Designer Ronnie Vanstone, I have enjoyed creating beautiful and functional children’s spaces for my home, for our clients and for many show suites.  Nothing stops a crowd of mothers more than walking through a new home housing development, then a elegant nursery or a fabulous kids themed bedroom.  My new blog  Peek-a-Room  has been created to help you design your perfect baby’s nursery or child’s room that reflects your personal style and meets your personal budget.  Enjoy!




Let’s take a Peek-a-Boo at this months Peek-a-Room!

If your little guy loves Disney’s cars or wants a car room more then anything else in the world, then just remember it’s all about the car bed.  You can paint, add fun decals, Disney bedding and even cool new toys but you will never get the WOW factor from your excited youngster, without giving him his very own bright red car to snuggle up in each night.  You may even find he can’t wait to go to bed.  It’s simply all about the Car bed!


I Love this Step 2 red convertible from Sears.  This bed size changes from a toddler bed to single bed, includes silvertone rims,  realistic decals and even comes with working headlights that have a 15 minute auto shut off feature.  Fits a crib or twin mattress.

The next great thing about our car Peek-a-Room is the fabulous accent coloured wall.  Match your furniture and head board wall colour, it can be a shade lighter then your car or even an accent colour from one of your cars decals.  Make it bold and   remember to us low VOC paint.




No great car bed can run without gas.  This little gas pump from Restoration Hardward will look great in your car  Peek-a-Room  and your little guys imagination  will run wild.  Another fun idea is a chest of drawers painted and decaled to look like a cool tool chest.

In this car Peek-a-Room, the large wardrobe can be easily copied with a free standing Ikea wardrobe that is trimmed and painted in your accent colour.  To finish it off add a large Disney Car’s decal and for safety attach it to the wall.

The end tables and cute desk are simple box builds with white tops and accent coloured sides and bottom shelves. Tip: You may want to just paint your furniture fronts in your bold accent colour and keep the sides neutral.  This will make it easy to change up the room to fit your little guys next dream room..

The bedding and walls in this car Peek-a-Room are done is a light grey/beige that will easily grow with your child’s style and keep this fun bedroom from feeling to over powering.  Add some crazy floor cushions for seating, a neutral area rug, a couple of basic white lamps and then get ready for all the neighbor kids to come over and play.

If this car Peak-a-Room is your vision or if you have a Peak-a-Room  vision of your own that you love, but just don’t have the time to tackle the DYI and all the shopping and selections, give us a call at (604) 374-2336 and ask for our Design Alley Kids Room Special!



Spring has come to the Tri-Cities…

The cherry blossoms are out in all their glory in Port Coquitlam city center, the boats are in the harbour at Rocky Point in Port Moody and if you drive through any neighborhood in Coquitlam you will find daffodils popping their heads up everywhere.

If spring colours and sunshine have you ready to shake off the rainy, winter in Vancouver blues and give your space a makeover to match the season…here are some of my favorite colours for Spring 2015 .

Whether you are renovating your kitchen, decorating your bedroom or giving your entire home an interior design makeover…take your cue from Mother nature and let these lovely soft colours lift your spirits all year long.

Blue. One of my favorite choices for a bedroom is this soft , Spring sky blue, it is….  Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments 1563


blue bedroom









Yellow. This can be a tricky colour as it often appears more vibrant on your walls then it did on the chip in the store. This beautiful, soft yellow… Benjamin Moore’s Mushroom Cap 177 can be paired with blues or greens for a fresh spring feel in any room. Try adding a pop of orchid or pale lavender to further enhance your spring pallet.


yellow dine d85839f2af0b3790ff0ce3e835f9f71a










Greige. Not really a colour, but how I like to describe my favorite neutral for spring this year. …  Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter HC – 172  It is really a soft gray with beige undertones that is a perfect complement to most popular pastels and pairs wonderfully with white. For the bolder spirit, try a burst of coral, another top contender in 2015.










White. No colour pallet is complete without the perfect shade of it, my personal favorite this year is …. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove OC – 17, crisp and fresh with no altering undertones so It looks great against any color. Try it with soft accents for a breath of fresh air feeling, or pair with some of this year’s stronger colours for a more dramatic effect.


white soft imageswhite strong images

No matter what your choices are for your home renovation project or Interior Design make over, let Ronnie Vanstone, award winning Interior Designer, and the Design Alley Interiors and renovations team help you make your project one you will love for many seasons to come.

Easy steps to style and transform your bookcase

Styling your bookcase is a great way to transform your space with items you already have and love from around your house, by following a few of these quick and easy steps you can transform the look of your bookcase in your living room, or office.


Bookcases aren’t only for displaying books, use the selves to display unexpected items as well, think in layers gathering objects in groups, items look best grouped in odd numbers so try groups of threes or fives to make the arrangements more interesting.



Placing your books both vertically and horizontally not only creates more interest in your bookcase but the books placed stacked horizontally also create a ledge to place a smaller item you may want to display.



To really make your bookcase pop you can paint the inside a few shades deeper than the room or add a new colour to create a new accent colour in your space.



blog by:  Alina Heit Jr. Designer – Design Alley Interiors & Renovations inc.


Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 2

The harbour is full of boats at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, people are running along the Port Coquitlam trail and gardeners are out in full bloom in Coquitlam!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  If nice whether has you planning your next decorating or home renovation project, you will find some great ideas for your Interior design or renovation inspiration right here…so read on! and discover this season’s hottest trends!


Vivid Colors & Accents

 In 2014 there’ll be a move towards versatility.  Instead of having one base colour palette, (Beige, beige and more beige) we’ll see vivid base hues enlivened with accents of color which will turn monotonous spaces into fresh, fun and lively rooms.  We’re talking bright and fun splashes of colour over unsaturated undertones.  It’s a fresh and lively, invigorates the senses and perks up the spirit.


Lighter Colored Woods


Lighter, toned woods will be in this year.  The use of rich, deep toned woods which has been popular in design over the past 5 years is winding down and softer, lighter options are taking center stage.  White Oak (strong interior design trend in Europe right now) and cherry are both fantastic choices; for either flooring or furniture.  Go for highest quality you can afford and you will have an elegant and exquisite show piece for generations to come.  This trend has been growing steadily for a few seasons and is continuing to take ground.


Myriad of Blues


Blue is without a doubt a massive trend this year.  I am seeing it everywhere, from home design exhibitions to the fashion designers runways.  It’s all about blue, and you don’t have to choose just one shade either.  Different shades of blue rolling back into each other in the same room will ignite the senses like an afternoon on a tropical beach.  Azure, beryl, teal, cobalt, sapphire; an intoxicating array  of blue, folding back into themselves in an ocean of electric interior design.  Apart from turquoise which I covered in my last blog, the other shade of blue which has gained popularity is navy.  A calming, shade which commands authority without appearing desperate; easy and pleasant on the eye, this is one you can’t go wrong with in 2014: Navy is vogue.  Use it in accessories, soft furnishings, couches, cushions, cupboards, walls and anywhere else you can imagine it.

Spring Interior Design Trends – Part 1

It’s that time again….Spring.  The sun is shining more, the trees are starting to bloom, you can smell the freshness in the air! Spring is my favorite time of year.  It is like waking up from a great sleep ready to start a new day.  The cold, wet winter months are behind us and a new feeling of energy is budding, right along with the Cherry Blossoms in Port Coquitlam town square.

The other reason I love Spring is because that is when all the new trends in Interior Design and Decorating are released for the coming season. If you are planning a renovation or interior design and decorating project, you will find your inspiration right here!.  Read on for part one of my four part series on all the exciting hot interior design and decorating trends for 2014!



This spirit lifting shade has a strong presence this decorating season. For spring 2014  it is a very specific shade of blue, free from the greener shades we were seeing last year. Perhaps this is the culmination of all the blues and greens we’ve been seeing in the past couple of years. Turquoise  will be showing up in upholstery, wall coverings, and on furniture. And we’re talking deep and saturated, not pale and wimpy.

Turquoise screams of life and personality and there is a splash of this color everywhere we look right now.   For some of you this can be a bold and scary choice, but with risk comes reward!  If done right, it is amazing with that razzle-dazzle designer edge you are looking for.   We have seen it grow in strength since 2013 and it promises to be front and center this spring and summer.


Ethnic Prints

From Eastern Europe to far off exotic lands comes…ethnic fabrics, it will be showing up on upholstery and prints a lot this season and looks like it will be a popular trend this year.  This trend is sure to add a fresh pick-me-up to your home and give boring bland interiors a dash of bold character and interest.  So if you see a cushion, print or covering which is oozing with culture this year; don’t shy away.

2ethnic print

Brass is back

I can hear the groans now.. so you just spent a fortune removing all the shiny brass in your home, well rest easy, shiny brass has gone the way of the Dodo bird. This time around, brass is warm and rich with a mellow patina of age that adds class to any interior design.   This new take on an old look has been gathering steam over the past year.  In 2014 I foresee a rise in the popularity of brass, particularly for the kitchen, bath, lamp stands and other ornamental pieces.



Not on blazers and pants this time. Corduroy will be found on furniture and cushions this year.  Interior Designers, myself included, are bringing corduroy into their sight lines this year, and using this velvet alternative to great effect.  It promises to be a growing trend which will definitely gain momentum in 2014 and 2015.


Floral Influence

From soft and pretty to bold and beautiful, floral designs and chintz textiles will be a  strong trend for Spring and Summer, not only in the interior design world, but also in other markets such as fashion.  Floral can add a touch of romance or a fun and whimsical feel to any decor it’s all about the colour and feel of the pattern you chose.


Well that wraps up part one of my predictions for what the best dressed homes will be wearing this Spring. Check back over the coming weeks to find out what else is in store for the  hottest looks 2014 has to offer!

Ronnie Vanstone has gone cottage crazy for 2014!

Weather you live in Port Moody or white Rock with an ocean view or a Maple Ridge, sub-division you too can have the holiday feeling created by a cottage décor.

All signs point to this charming and relaxed look being one of the trends for 2014. If you love this look, read on for some pointers on how to make your home feel like a summer get away all year!

One staple of cottage design is the predominance of the colours white and cream. Used in beachfront cottages, lakeside cabins, or cul-de-sac-hugging bungalows, white/cream walls and woodwork exude cheerfulness.  These fresh and clean colours make a room feel airy and bright.  White and cream also provide the perfect backdrop to any accent colour you can imagine.SONY DSC

Often in cottages, the furnishings are also white or cream, it shows up on everything from slip covered furniture to white washed cabinets. Again pops of colour in your favorite hues, stop the design from feeling sterile or bland. Blues, grays and sand were my choice when designing this look for one of our Design Alley clients for their family cottage on KaKawa Lake in Hope BC.

The other colors that tie in to this inspiring environment are as vast as your imagination but some of my favorites are: The Beach style cottages feature watery blues and sunny yellows, while the country cottage look has petal pinks and leafy greens throughout their spaces. These appealing hues harmonize naturally with the crisp backdrop.

Check out this photo from Home and Garden magazine of this dreamy cottage bedroom.  From the cool headboard to the custom upholstered chair to the foot-of-the-bed trunk, this bedroom is dripping with vintage appeal. The pretty floral bedding adds feminine flair, which is echoed by the glitzy chandelier and bedside sconces.101897228.jpg.rendition.550

  Here are a few more ideas to consider for creating your new cottage look.


Chicken wire was originally used on pantry doors to let air circulate around stored root vegetables. Installed behind glass fronts, it provides a hint of country charm.

Here is another great idea from home and garden. Spruced-Up Steps…..
A coat of fresh white paint sets the staircase apart from khaki walls and stained wood floors; old-fashioned numbers stenciled onto each riser add a welcoming bit of whimsy.  11-cottage

It does not matter if you want to create this style for your primary home or your vacation property, this charming look will help you feel like you are on Holiday all year long!