Cozy in Coquitlam

Well it's 6:00 AM on a chilly winter morning and as usual I am perched at my computer getting ready for another busy day.  The view outside the window in front of my desk is always inspiring, but this morning as I gaze out at the river and bare trees with a light fog swirling about the branches, the only inspiration I am feeling is to cozy up with a good book, roaring fire and a nice cup of steaming tea!

Defeat the winter blues and possibly dispel the shock of your partner’s icy feet when climbing into bed for the evening, with a few of my tips to cozy up your space for the long cold winter months.

Throw Blankets
Soft cozy throws with nubby knits or woolly textures are a great friend to cozy up to on chilly nights at home with a movie. Plus, they temporarily add seasonal pattern and colour to your home.

The perfect companion to your cozy throw is perfect pillows! Paired with a warm throw, pillows become great cuddle buddies (and they never have cold feet!) Look for pillows with a lot of texture and warm colours. Then pile them on the couch and snuggle up. You might also want to consider investing in, or making larger ones for the floor.

Quilts have always been a no brainer for the bed, but try using them as decor this winter.  You might want to try placing a small quilt on a table as a table cloth; plaid blankets look great for this purpose as well.


Reading Nook
Winter is the time to pull out your favorite read, or find a new favorite and relax for a while with a good book. Pick a well-lit corner of your home and arrange a comfy armchair in it.  Alcoves under stairs are a great spot for this; you might even consider building in a permanent seat or bench to enjoy this cozy space all year round. Place a table nearby, stacked with your favorite books and reading lists or if you are going for the build in idea, maybe add some shelves. If you read on a tablet, consider a spot near an outlet for easy charging.


Nothing spells winter quite like a cold floor on bare feet. Fend off icy toes by placing an area rug in seating areas in your home.  You might want to consider layering your rugs for even more coziness.

Creating a cozy retreat is about more than just warm fabrics. Try some warming scent. Spicy scents are great for stimulating conversation; lavender and vanilla are perfect for creating calm moments, while citrus infused scents like orange mixed with clove are still warm but promote clarity and energy.

Go ahead, try one or all of these little tips and I guarantee you will feel snug as a bug in a rug for the rest of the cold weather ahead.