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Children and parents want a positive and safe environment that creates happiness, self-esteem and a unique personal space of their own..... Sarita

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As a mother of two children and a member of the Design Alley team headed by Award  winning Designer Ronnie Vanstone, I have enjoyed creating beautiful and functional children's spaces for my home, for our clients and for many show suites. Nothing stops a crowd of mothers more than walking through a new home or housing development, then a elegant nursery or a fabulous kids themed bedroom. My new blog Peek-a-Room has been created to help you design your perfect baby’s nursery or child’s room that reflects your personal style and meets your personal budget. Enjoy!

Let’s take a Peek-a-Boo at this months Peek-a-Room!

Mid century modern is back in a big way with its natural textures and clean lines, it’s a great choice for a baby girl or baby boy’s nursery. This Peek-a-Room nursery is soft, fresh and cute while easy to clean and a lovely warm space to cuddle with your little bundle of joy.

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The bed in our Peek-a-Room nursery has a modern feel with out looking to sleek or streamlined. Solid white or two toned white with natural wood will work well for this look. Keep the bedding simple no prints or patterned bedding for a mid century modern look. It’s all about natural textures and clutter less spaces. has a great selection of high quality cribs and non toxic bedding that will work fabulously for your mid century modern Peek-a-Room.

Luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring is my personal choice for this Peek-a-Room. It comes in hundreds of colours, looks totally natural, is virtually indestructible and super easy to clean. In our Peek-a-Room nursery we have a soft grey tone LVP floor with a slight blue undertone which works well with the contrasting yellow chair and tan / caramel accent colours. Tip: When laying plank flooring remember the rule is run your planks in a straight line from light source to light source or run your planks in the direction with the greatest length.

I love our yellow mid century modern chair in this Peek-a-Room it’s stylish, it rocks and its easy to get in and out of while holding your beautiful sleeping baby. Although my goal with our Peek-a-Room blogs is to help you create your own Peek-a-Room at a budget price I have to stop you right here. Spend some money ... on your nursery rocker or chair. Be comfortable and cozy! Check out you can do some customization and the quality of fabrics and structure truly will make a difference in how much comfort you and baby will have.

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“Fake-it” wallpaper is such a clever way to make a statement on the wall (or walls!) of the nursery with thoughtfully placed decals. These geometric patterns look so much like wallpaper that they’ll make you do a double take! Simply paint your Peek-a-Room nursery walls a soft grey and with ruler lines place your removal “Fake-it” stickers. Tip: for a modern and clean look ensure you add some space between your stickers.

There are many great modern ceiling light fixtures available in the market today. Finding the perfect lighting for your Peek-a-Room nursery will be fun with lots of selection and price ranges. Enjoy and remember lighting is the jewel of the space.

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Our Peek-a Room décor and art is animal themed. Easy to make from a animal photo calendar, or cut out pictures of your favorite animals and place them in simple Ikea white frames. Remember to choice pictures that work with your base and accent colours. Personally I love Olga Sugden’s whimsical wall art from Goldeneggstudio. Check out her website at

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