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Children and parents want a positive and safe environment that creates happiness, self-esteem and a unique personal space of their own..... Sarita

As a mother of two children and a member of the Design Alley team headed by Award  winning Designer Ronnie Vanstone, I have enjoyed creating beautiful and functional children's spaces for my home, for our clients and for many show suites. Nothing stops a crowd of mothers more than walking through a new home or housing development, then a elegant nursery or a fabulous kids themed bedroom. My new blog Peek-a-Room has been created to help you design your perfect baby’s nursery or child’s room that reflects your personal style and meets your personal budget. Enjoy!

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Let’s take a Peek-a-Boo at this month's Peek-a-Room!

Amazing, elegant, beautiful and soft are all the words one could use to describe this baby's nursery by Restoration Hardware. But we may want to add words like expensive, large space needed, or "my room is missing 10 foot ceilings and oversized windows". Let's see how we can transform this pretty and tranquil nursery to fit your space and budget.

Cribs are the first thing we buy when creating our new nursery and they need to be safe and functional. Once you find the crib you love check out the Health Canada site to ensure its "product safety approved".

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Make the crib bedding yourself! Even I can follow a simple quilt and bumper pad pattern. Check out for free nursery patterns. Then hit the fabric stores. Look for soft and washable, high quality fabrics in a muted neutral. Add a bit of lace trim to the bed skirt and eco-friendly crisp white crib sheets.

The window coverings really make this room. It doesn't matter if your windows are small or large, full length curtains are a must for this nursery look. Keep them white and simple, make sure they are heavy enough to hold their shape (yet light flowing in look) and hang them above your window frame if needs be. Tip: weights or base sticking helps to keep fold lines straight.

White baby furniture is an easy find, but for this look ensure your change table and storage shelf has legs and is made of a solid wood, not particle board. This will create a more airy feel to your nursery. If you're redoing a fun older furniture piece use low VOC paint products and water base stains and/or lacquers. Add elegant drawer hardware such as a crystal or mirrored knobs to finish off the look.

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Moms must have a chair, needs to be comfortable and wide enough to enjoy those quiet moments with baby. This Ikea chair with its removable seat cover is an ideal choice. Tip: use a steamer to press chair cover for a crisp finished look.

Match your chair fabric to your curtain fabric to ensure they are the same shade of white. If your chair is right in front of your curtains and the whites don't match I suggest choosing another colour from the room such as the neutral in the bedding for either your chair cover or curtain fabric.

Paint your nursery. Don't make the mistake of picking your paint first; instead, work from your fabric choices and bring out already established colour to give your nursery continuity and flow. In our Peek-a-Room they have chosen a wall colour in the same neutral family as the bedding and added white moldings.

To achieve the soft feel in our Peek-a-Room, add texture. The sculpted white carpet, wicker baskets, white painted metal frames and decor mirror add textural levels to the space that create an airy yet warm and soft feel.

Lastly, light it up with an elegant yet simple chandelier. Pick one that is easy to clean, it doesn't have to be crystal to look great. Walmart and Home Depot have several selections that will work nicely for this look and pricing is reasonable.

If this Peek-a-Room nursery is your vision or if you have a Peek-a-Room nursery vision of your own that you love, but just don't have the time to tackle the DIY and all the shopping and selections, give us a call at (604) 374-2336 and ask for our Design Alley Nursery Special!